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Welcome to the fixtures page for PNA. If you require any further information or need to discuss league issues, please email
Winter 2018-19
The Winter season 2018/19 consits of a Premier division comprising of 17 teams who will play each other once over the season. The 3 remaining divisions each has 9 teams and each team will play every other team in their division twice during the season (16 games per team). Each team will also have 2 bye weeks during the season.

The games will be played over 2 venues, Bransbury Park and the University campus, and will run from 18 September 2018 through to 26 February 2019. There are allocated seasonal breaks to accommodate October half term, the Christmas/New Year period and the February half term holiday. However, should any games need to be rescheduled then the seasonal break weeks may be used.

Future Winter Season 2019/20 Fixtures

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Tuesday 19 November 2019
18:30Bransbury Park12Abar TigersvDolphinsHornets/Springers Left
18:30Bransbury Park22Team TGvSOSSkywatch/BM Scaffolding
18:30Bransbury Park33G BeesvShooting Stars SilverTeamforce 3/Westowen Reds
18:30Bransbury Park43Springers RightvPebblesJunction/Magics
18:30Ports University1Prem 1TeamforcevGemsWrong Direction/MSL Heaven
18:30Ports University2Prem 2Wild CatsvMisfitsTeamforce 2/Shawyers Construction
18:30Ports University3Prem 2SwiftvThe Blue Bell'sMeon / Match Accounting
18:30Ports University41Jelly BeansvShooting Stars WhiteWestowen/Cartek

19:55Bransbury Park11JunctionvMagicsPebbles/ Springer Right
19:55Bransbury Park22HornetsvSpringers LeftAbar Tigers/Dolphins
19:55Bransbury Park32SkywatchvBM ScaffoldingTeam TG/SOS
19:55Bransbury Park43Teamforce 3vWestowen RedsG Bees/Shooting Stars Silver
19:55Ports University1Prem 1MeonvMatch AccountingWildcats/ Misfits
19:55Ports University2Prem 1Wrong DirectionvMSL HeavenTeamforce/Gems
19:55Ports University3Prem 2Teamforce 2vShawyers ConstructionSwift/The Blue Bell's
19:55Ports University41WestowenvCartekJelly Beans/Shooting Stars White

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Angels
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Scorpios
Division 1 Team Bye for Norad Travel
Division 3 Team Bye for Chameleons

Tuesday 26 November 2019
18:30Bransbury Park1Prem 1MSL HeavenvTeamforceGems/Meon
18:30Bransbury Park2Prem 1Match AccountingvAngelsThe Blue Bells / Teamforce 2
18:30Bransbury Park3Prem 2Shawyers ConstructionvWild CatsMisfits/Scorpios
18:30Bransbury Park41MagicsvJelly BeansShooting Stars White/Westowen
18:30Ports University12Abar TigersvSkywatchBM Scaffolding/Team TG
18:30Ports University22SOSvHornetsSpringers Left/Dolphins
18:30Ports University33PebblesvTeamforce 3Westowen Reds/G Bees
18:30Ports University43Shooting Stars SilvervChameleonsCartek/Norad Travel

19:55Bransbury Park1Prem 1GemsvMeonMSL Heaven/Teamforce
19:55Bransbury Park2Prem 2The Blue Bell'svTeamforce 2Match Accounting / Angels
19:55Bransbury Park3Prem 2MisfitsvScorpiosShawyers Construction/Wild Cats
19:55Bransbury Park41Shooting Stars WhitevWestowenMagics/Jelly Beans
19:55Ports University12BM ScaffoldingvTeam TGAbar Tigers/Skywatch
19:55Ports University22Springers LeftvDolphinsSOS/Hornets
19:55Ports University33Westowen RedsvG BeesShooting Stars Silver/Chameleons
19:55Ports University41CartekvNorad TravelPebbles/Teamforce 3

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Wrong Direction
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Swift
Division 1 Team Bye for Junction
Division 3 Team Bye for Springers Right

Tuesday 03 December 2019
18:30Bransbury Park12Abar TigersvSpringers LeftDolphins/SOS
18:30Bransbury Park22HornetsvBM ScaffoldingTeam TG/Skywatch
18:30Bransbury Park33ChameleonsvWestowen RedsG Bees/Pebbles
18:30Bransbury Park43Teamforce 3vSpringers RightJelly Beans/Junction
18:30Ports University1Prem 1MeonvMSL HeavenAngels/Gems
18:30Ports University2Prem 2ScorpiosvShawyers ConstructionTeamforce / Wrong Direction
18:30Ports University3Prem 2Teamforce 2vSwiftWild Cats/The Blue Bell's
18:30Ports University41Norad TravelvShooting Stars WhiteWestowen/Magics

19:55Bransbury Park11Jelly BeansvJunctionTeamforce 3/Springers Right
19:55Bransbury Park22DolphinsvSOSAbar Tigers/Springers Left
19:55Bransbury Park32Team TGvSkywatchHornets/BM Scaffolding
19:55Bransbury Park43G BeesvPebblesChameleons/Westowen Reds
19:55Ports University1Prem 1AngelsvGemsTeamforce 2 / Swift
19:55Ports University2Prem 1TeamforcevWrong DirectionMeon/MSL Heaven
19:55Ports University3Prem 2Wild CatsvThe Blue Bell'sScorpios/Shawyers Construction
19:55Ports University41WestowenvMagicsNorad Travel/Shooting Stars White

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Match Accounting
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Misfits
Division 1 Team Bye for Cartek
Division 3 Team Bye for Shooting Stars Silver

Tuesday 10 December 2019
18:30Bransbury Park1Prem 1Wrong DirectionvMeonMSL Heaven/Angels
18:30Bransbury Park2Prem 1GemsvMatch AccountingShawyer Contruction/ Misfits
18:30Bransbury Park3Prem 2The Blue Bell'svScorpiosSwift/Wild Cats
18:30Bransbury Park41MagicsvNorad TravelJunction/Westowen
18:30Ports University12Abar TigersvTeam TGSkywatch/Hornets
18:30Ports University22BM ScaffoldingvDolphinsSOS/Springers Left
18:30Ports University33Springers RightvG BeesCartek/ Shooting Stars White
18:30Ports University43Westowen RedsvShooting Stars SilverPebbles/Chameleons

19:55Bransbury Park1Prem 1MSL HeavenvAngelsGems/Match Accounting
19:55Bransbury Park2Prem 2SwiftvWild CatsWrong Direction / Meon
19:55Bransbury Park3Prem 2Shawyers ConstructionvMisfitsThe Blue Bell's/Scorpios
19:55Bransbury Park41JunctionvWestowenMagics/Norad Travel
19:55Ports University12SkywatchvHornetsAbar Tigers/Team TG
19:55Ports University22SOSvSpringers LeftBM Scaffolding/Dolphins
19:55Ports University33PebblesvChameleonsWestowen Reds/Shooting Stars Silver
19:55Ports University41Shooting Stars WhitevCartekSpringers Right / GBees

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Teamforce
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Teamforce 2
Division 1 Team Bye for Jelly Beans

Tuesday 07 January 2020
18:30Bransbury Park12Abar TigersvSOSSpringers Left /BM Scaffolding
18:30Bransbury Park22DolphinsvSkywatchHornets/Team TG
18:30Bransbury Park33Shooting Stars SilvervPebblesChameleons/Springers Right
18:30Bransbury Park43G BeesvTeamforce 3Westowen/Jelly Beans
18:30Ports University1Prem 1AngelsvWrong DirectionMeon/Teamforce
18:30Ports University2Prem 2MisfitsvThe Blue Bell'sMatch Accounting / MSL Heaven
18:30Ports University3Prem 2Wild CatsvTeamforce 2Scorpios/Swift
18:30Ports University41Norad TravelvJunctionCartek/Magics

19:55Bransbury Park11WestowenvJelly BeansDolphins/Skywatch
19:55Bransbury Park22Springers LeftvBM ScaffoldingAbar Tigers/SOS
19:55Bransbury Park32HornetsvTeam TGGBees/Teamforce 3
19:55Bransbury Park43ChameleonsvSpringers RightShooting Stars Silver/Pebbles
19:55Ports University1Prem 1Match AccountingvMSL HeavenMisfits/The Blue Bells
19:55Ports University2Prem 1MeonvTeamforceAngels/Wrong Direction
19:55Ports University3Prem 2ScorpiosvSwiftWild Cats/Teamforce 2
19:55Ports University41CartekvMagicsNorad Travel/Junction

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Gems
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Shawyers Construction
Division 1 Team Bye for Shooting Stars White
Division 3 Team Bye for Westowen Reds

Tuesday 14 January 2020
18:30Bransbury Park1Prem 1TeamforcevAngelsWrong Direction/Match Accounting
18:30Bransbury Park2Prem 1MSL HeavenvGemsTeamforce 2 Scorpios
18:30Bransbury Park3Prem 2SwiftvMisfitsThe Blue Bell's/Shawyers Construction
18:30Bransbury Park41Jelly BeansvNorad TravelJunction/Cartek
18:30Ports University12Abar TigersvHornetsTeam TG/Dolphins
18:30Ports University22SkywatchvSpringers LeftBM Scaffolding/SOS
18:30Ports University33Teamforce 3vChameleonsSpringers Right/Shooting Stars Silver
18:30Ports University43PebblesvWestowen RedsShooting Stars White/Magics

19:55Bransbury Park1Prem 1Wrong DirectionvMatch AccountingTeamforce/Angels
19:55Bransbury Park2Prem 2Teamforce 2vScorpiosMSL Heaven / Gems
19:55Bransbury Park3Prem 2The Blue Bell'svShawyers ConstructionSwift/Misfits
19:55Bransbury Park41JunctionvCartekJelly Beans/ Norad
19:55Ports University12Team TGvDolphinsAbar Tigers/Hornets
19:55Ports University22BM ScaffoldingvSOSSkywatch/Springers Left
19:55Ports University33Springers RightvShooting Stars SilverPebbles/Westowen Reds
19:55Ports University41MagicsvShooting Stars WhiteTeamforce 3/Chameleons

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for Meon
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for Wild Cats
Division 1 Team Bye for Westowen
Division 3 Team Bye for G Bees

Tuesday 21 January 2020
18:30Bransbury Park12Abar TigersvBM ScaffoldingSOS/Skywatch
18:30Bransbury Park22Springers LeftvTeam TGDolphins/Hornets
18:30Bransbury Park33Westowen RedsvSpringers RightShooting Stars Silver/Teamforce 3
18:30Bransbury Park43ChameleonsvG BeesNorad Travel/Westowen
18:30Ports University1Prem 1Match AccountingvTeamforceGems/Wrong Direction
18:30Ports University2Prem 2Shawyers ConstructionvSwiftAngels / Meon
18:30Ports University3Prem 2ScorpiosvWild CatsMisfits/Teamforce 2
18:30Ports University41CartekvJelly BeansShooting Stars White/Junction

19:55Bransbury Park11Norad TravelvWestowenAbar Tigers/BMS
19:55Bransbury Park22SOSvSkywatchChameleons/ GBees
19:55Bransbury Park32DolphinsvHornetsSpringers Left/Team TG
19:55Bransbury Park43Shooting Stars SilvervTeamforce 3Westowen Reds/Springers Right
19:55Ports University1Prem 1GemsvWrong DirectionMatch Accounting/Teamforce
19:55Ports University2Prem 1AngelsvMeonscorpios / Wildcats
19:55Ports University3Prem 2MisfitsvTeamforce 2Shawyers Construction/Swift
19:55Ports University41Shooting Stars WhitevJunctionCartek/Jelly Beans

Prem 1 Division Team Bye for MSL Heaven
Prem 2 Division Team Bye for The Blue Bell's
Division 1 Team Bye for Magics

Future Winter Season 2019/20 Rescheduled Matches

Tuesday 28 January 2020

18:30Ports University22DolphinsvBM ScaffoldingHornets/Skywatch

19:55Ports University12HornetsvSkywatchDolphins/Westowen reds

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