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Welcome to the fixtures page for PNA. If you require any further information or need to discuss league issues, please email
Winter 2018-19
The Winter season 2018/19 consits of a Premier division comprising of 17 teams who will play each other once over the season. The 3 remaining divisions each has 9 teams and each team will play every other team in their division twice during the season (16 games per team). Each team will also have 2 bye weeks during the season.

The games will be played over 2 venues, Bransbury Park and the University campus, and will run from 18 September 2018 through to 26 February 2019. There are allocated seasonal breaks to accommodate October half term, the Christmas/New Year period and the February half term holiday. However, should any games need to be rescheduled then the seasonal break weeks may be used.

Future Winter Season 2018/19 Division 1 Fixtures

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Tuesday 29 January 2019
18:30Ports University1Teamforce 3vWild CatsJunction/Cartek
18:30Ports University2SkywatchvDolphinsMagics/Shooting Stars White

19:55Ports University1JunctionvCartekSkywatch/Dolphins
19:55Ports University2MagicsvShooting Stars WhiteTeamforce 3/Wild Cats

Team Bye for Blue Berries

Tuesday 05 February 2019
18:30Bransbury Park1DolphinsvJunctionShooting Stars White/Skywatch
18:30Bransbury Park2Wild CatsvBlue BerriesCartek/Teamforce 3

19:55Bransbury Park1Shooting Stars WhitevSkywatchWild Cats/Blue Berries
19:55Bransbury Park2CartekvTeamforce 3Dolphins/Junction

Team Bye for Magics

Tuesday 12 February 2019
18:30Ports University1Blue BerriesvCartekTeamforce 3/Dolphins
18:30Ports University2JunctionvShooting Stars WhiteSkywatch/Magics

19:55Ports University1Teamforce 3vDolphinsJunction/Shooting Stars White
19:55Ports University2SkywatchvMagicsBlue Berries/Cartek

Team Bye for Wild Cats

Tuesday 26 February 2019
18:30Bransbury Park1Shooting Stars WhitevTeamforce 3Magics/Junction
18:30Bransbury Park2CartekvWild CatsDolphins/Blue Berries

19:55Bransbury Park1MagicsvJunctionCartek/Wild Cats
19:55Bransbury Park2DolphinsvBlue BerriesShooting Stars White/Teamforce 3

Team Bye for Skywatch

Team Bye for whole of Division 1

Team Bye for whole of Division 1

Team Bye for whole of Division 1

Team Bye for whole of Division 1

Future Winter Season 2018/19 Division 1 Rescheduled Matches

Tuesday 05 March 2019

18:30Bransbury Park1Blue BerriesvShooting Stars WhiteWild Cats/Dolphins
18:30Bransbury Park2JunctionvSkywatchTeamforce 3/Magics

19:55Bransbury Park1Wild CatsvDolphinsJunction/Skywatch
19:55Bransbury Park2Teamforce 3vMagicsBlue Berries/Shooting Stars White

Tuesday 12 March 2019

18:30Bransbury Park1CartekvSkywatchDolphins/Magics
18:30Bransbury Park2Blue BerriesvTeamforce 3Wild Cats/Junction

19:55Bransbury Park1DolphinsvMagicsBlue Berries/Teamforce 3
19:55Bransbury Park2Wild CatsvJunctionCartek/Skywatch

Tuesday 19 March 2019

18:30Bransbury Park1CartekvDolphinsTeamforce 3/Skywatch

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