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Committee Structure

The list below shows how the Portsmouth Netball Association (PNA) committee is structured. The committee will be pleased to answer any questions you may have by contacting them on the telephone numbers shown in the latest hardcopy of the PNA Constitution or via the PNA official Email address

Chairperson Jacqui O'Neill (Westowen Hotshots)

Vice Chairperson - Kimberley Churchill (Springers Righ)

Treasurer Judy Yoxall (Springers)

League Secretary Brian Weston (Westowen) -

General Secretary Sheila Davies (Independent) -

Tournament Secretary Claire Smith (Angels) -

Umpiring Sec Julie Kill (Scorpios) -

Registration Sec Sue Newbigin (Pebbles)

Coaching Secretary - Kimberley Churchill (Springers)

Non Elected Members

PNA England Netball Membership Secretary Sheila Davies (Independent) -


Welcome to the General Secretary web page where you will be kept up to date with meeting dates and general PNA communications. Plus you will be able to access Minutes from the PNA meetings.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the General Secretary please email the

Future Meetings

There are currently No Future Meetings

Minutes of Meetings

2019-20 Pre-Season Minutes 11 Sept 19
PNA AGM 23 July 2019 Minutes
2019 Pre Summer Season Meeting Minutes
Winter 2018/19 Pre-Season Meeting Minutes
PNA AGM 25 July 2018 Minutes
2011 July PNA AGM Minutes
2012 July PNA AGM Minutes
2013 July PNA AGM Minutes
2014 July PNA AGM Minutes
2015-2016 Winter Pre-Season Minutes
2016 July PNA AGM Minutes
2016 Winter Pre-Season Minutes
2017 July PNA AGM Minutes
2017 Summer Pre-Season Meeting
2017-18 Winter Pre-Season Minutes
2018 Summer Pre-Season Minutes

General Notices

Important Notice: Summer 2020 Pre-Season Meeting (Added: 09/03/2020)
Please note that the summer 2020 pre-season meeting will be held at Admiral Lord Nelson School at 19:30 on Thursday 19 March 2020. Each team must have at least 1 representative present.
Important Notice: EN Membership Evidence (Added: 07/10/2019)
Until th issues with ENgage are resolved for the PNA league, all teams are required to provide evidence of an active EN membership status (such as a screen shot) for any new player registered to play in the PNA League for yur team.
For more information please e-mail of Floaters (Added: 17/09/2019) Please note that only approved Floaters are permitted to play in the PNA league. An approved floater is one that is listed on the PNA website under the 'Floater' link.

When using a floater always ensure that the floater has completed a PNA... Click For More DetailsAccessing League Message (Added: 12/04/2015) If you cannot access all the details in a League Message from the PNA Home Page please click on the Fixtures/League Notices Link instead.Car Parks (Added: 07/12/2014) Just a quick reminder to all PNA players and officials regarding the use of car parks at our venues. If you choose to use the car park you do so at your own risk so please ensure that you have secured all valuables out of sight before leaving your car.Incident Procedures for University (Added: 10/09/2013) For any incidents that occur at the Langstone Incident Procedures you must follow specific proceures which you will find in the attached document. Captains should ensure that they carry a copy of the instructions with them when playing at the venue.Click here for more information.Mandatory Safeguarding Role (Added: 07/09/2013) England Netball has made the Club Safeguarding Officer role a compulsory position for all clubs. This position... Click For More Details

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