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Accident Form Sep 2012Coaches Code of Conduct
EN Covid-19 health screening form for PNA useEN Covid-19 personal Opt-In Form for PNA use
EN Covid-19 Restart Guidance March 2021England Netball Registration Form 16 -17
England Netball Registration Form 18 and overEngland Netball Registration Form under 16
Parents Code of ConductPlayers Code of Conduct
PNA Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Plan June 2021 v2.3PNA Covid-19 Stage 4 Risk Assessment Template June 21 v2.2
PNA Match Sheet - September 2016PNA Player Deregistration Form September 2018
PNA Registration Form September 2019Spectators Code of Conduct
Umpire Form for Team Sportsmanship Trophy - 2015Umpires Code of Conduct
Umpiring TerminologyUniversity Emergency Procedures

Important Notice:  PNA Annual General Meeting 2021   (Added: 14/06/2021)
The committe has agreed that the AGM for 2021 will take place on Tuesday 20 July starting at 19:00; due to the current Covid-19 restrictions the AGM will be held via zoom and, to maintain the integrity of the AGM, only attendees who have their screens turned on will be classed as attending the meeting.

As per the PNA constitution, each team must have 1 representative present to avoid having a penalty imposed; each team is also allowed to have a second representative present at the meeting. All representatives must have a current EN membership and must be linked to PNA on ENgage either via a team or direct to PNA. Each attendee can vote on the committe position nominations and any rule amendments proposals.

The committee position nomination form and the rules proposal amendment form are available to be downloaded from the notice board. Please note the deadline for returning the completed forms is 23:00 on 22 June 2021.

Don't forget that all committee positions are vacated at the AGM so please discuss with your team members whether any of them would like to stand for a committee position and therefore help define the way netball is run in Portsmouth. Terms of Reference can be found on the PNA website under the ‘Committee’ link.

For more information please e-mail

Accessing League Message   (Added: 12/04/2015)
If you cannot access all the details in a League Message from the PNA Home Page please click on the Fixtures/League Notices Link instead.

Incident Procedures for University   (Added: 10/09/2013)
For any incidents that occur at the Langstone Incident Procedures you must follow specific proceures which you will find in the attached document. Captains should ensure that they carry a copy of the instructions with them when playing at the venue.
Click here for more information.

Mandatory Safeguarding Role   (Added: 07/09/2013)
England Netball has made the Club Safeguarding Officer role a compulsory position for all clubs. This position will be the focal point for England Netball communications on safeguarding matters. The responsibilities of the Safe Guarding role will vary considerably depending on whether the club has a Young Persons section.

If your club currently does not have a designated Safeguarding Officer, then the Chair of the Club should default into the role or failing that the Club Secretary.

England Netball does not accept CRB checks from other organisations so if someone is required to have a CBR because of their role within netball then please refer to the current information on England Netball’s safeguarding pages at the link below.

You are requested to inform PNA of your Safeguarding Officer but all queries on safeguarding should, in the first instance, be emailed to England Netball.

Click here for more information.
For more information please e-mail

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