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Division 1 Players

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Blue Berries
Cara Saunders
Christ May
Hayley Clarke
Helen Mann
Jennie Woods
Jessica Leighton
Jessica Martin
Lisa Haines (C)
Abbey Bowley
Abi McDowell
Caroline Payne
Caroline Shawyer
Ellie Whitlock
Helen Linnett
Jo Powell
Lauren Payne
Natalie Nimmo (C)
Shelley Tildesley
Alexandra Allen
Amy Baines
Chris Allen
Frances Moon
Julie Collier
Karen Brindley
Sharon Carter
Sharron Hallissey (C)
Sioned Cowell
Susanna Harper
Anna Bing (C)
Bethan Thomas
Bridget Mackay
Claire Young
Elizabeth Hendrick
Hannah Hares
Kerry Welsh
Lisa Barter
Lisa Walker
Marony Choppen
Georgina Morton
Helen Munday (C)
Jessica Lyon
Jo Robinson
Katie Candy
Lauren Humphreys
Lynsey Noble
Sam Saunderson
Shooting Stars White
Abbie Buckland
Elizabeth Styles
Ellie Glennan
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Norbury
Lilah Mertens
Lynsey Hayward
Maddie Smith
May Dainty
Michelle Curry
Natasha Clark
Olivia Lis
Tina Small
Vonda Thorne
Charlotte Hillyer
Donna Jackson
Fiona Bond
Helen Klemm
Jo Walters
Johanna Grove
Louise Aldhous
Rachel Tanner (C)
Sarah Tyson
Soraya Conroy
Teamforce 3
Bethany Young
Eleanor Wilson
Emma Newman
Harriet Hudson
Isobel Pyatt
Jessica Terry
Jessica Wilkins
Katie Harris
Lily Hood (C)
Phoebe Walker
Poppy Hood
Sabine Newman
Wild Cats
Dee Parker (C)
Georgina Ingall
Hannah Watson
Kirsten Osgood
Lisa Coppins Brown
Lynn Evans
Mimi Corke
Nicola Bailey
Paula Masters
Rachel Down
Ruth Kimber

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League Notices

Accident Reporting Procedures (Added: 17/09/2015)
Following an incident at Portsmouth University (10 Novembers) players are respectively reminded that there are specific accident reporting procedures
... Click For More Details
Portsmouth University Site Safety Guide (Added: 26/11/2014)
Please click on the link below to access the University's site safety guide; it is your responsibility, as part of the PNA booking conditions, to adhere to the requirements outlined in the guide.
Click here for more information.

Other Recent Notices

General  (Updated 12/11/2018)
Registration  (Updated 12/11/2018)

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