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Division 1 Players

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BM Scaffolding
Amanda Ware
Annie Beams
Becki Milner
Claire Griffiths
Claire Whitehill
Danielle Chirume
Jodie Spear
Nicola Barrett (C)
Nicola Redman
Nicola White
Toni Sealey
Abbey Bowley
Caroline Payne
Caroline Shawyer
Heidi Young
Jo Powell
Kate Gamblen
Natalie Nimmo (C)
Shelley Tildesley
Ada Liu
Anna Bing (C)
Bethan Thomas
Bridget Mackay
Claire Young
Hannah Hares
Lisa Barter
Lisa Walker
Marony Choppen
Georgina Morton
Jo Robinson
Julia Storey
Katie Candy
Kim Glastonbury/Blackaller
Lauren Humphreys (C)
Lynsey Noble
Norad Travel
Allison Walker
Andrea Todorov (C)
Jane Warren
Jo Smith
Justine Graham
Mandy Gerrard
Tara Foy
Tina Liddiard
Victoria Williams
Amie Gibbs
Fiona Bond
Jo Walters
Johanna Grove
Keeta Rowlands
Koren Luddington
Louise Aldhous
Rachel Tanner (C)

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League Notices

Important Notice: PNA Rise Again League Suspension (Added: 01/11/2020)
Following the Government announcement of England going into another lockdown (from 5 November 2020) the PNA Committee has sadly come to the decision
... Click For More Details
Accident Reporting Procedures (Added: 17/09/2015)
Following an incident at Portsmouth University (10 Novembers) players are respectively reminded that there are specific accident reporting procedures
... Click For More DetailsPortsmouth University Site Safety Guide (Added: 26/11/2014) Please click on the link below to access the University's site safety guide; it is your responsibility, as part of the PNA booking conditions, to adhere to the requirements outlined in the guide.Click here for more information.

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