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Division 2 Players

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BM Scaffolding
Amanda Ware
Annie Beams
Becki Milner
Claire Whitehill
Jo Leggett
Jodie Musson
Lois Bright
Nicola Barrett (C)
Nicola White
Sara Rait
Candy Floss
Ania Townsin
Charlotte Belcher
Clare Blandford
Clare Searle
Georgette Alayyan
Heather Smith
Iman Alayyan
Jacqui Hussey (C)
Katie Harrington
Lauren Hogg
Lottie Searle
Madison Farrington
Debbie Davis (C)
Georgia Brett
Hannah Podger
Karen Dandy
Kelly Harvey
Kim Robinson
Linsay Smith
Michelle Marples
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Marples
Tracy Knott
Alice Emerton
Alison Bean (C)
Chloe Lockhart
Eleanor Bryan
Emma Harris
Hannah Rhodes
Hazel Makepeace
Iona Sellar
Martha Darlington
Rebecca Holden
Sadie Vick
Sarah Pomfret
Jelly Beans
Alannah Parry
Alex Cells
Amelie Parker
Chole Graves
Dea Billins
Emily Taylor
Emma Wells
Freya Chandler
Georgia Allport (C)
Grace Beardsley
Isabelle Brower
Lauren Prentice
Lucy Budgen
Maddie Upton
Poppy Chandler
Shooting Stars Silver
Ania Jankowski
Daisy Joines
Emily Grist
Jasmine Flint
Lana Richards
Libby Fall
Maddie I'Bell
Sarah sullivan
Sophie Jeffery
Abbie Cammiade
Diane Ormsby
Fiona Shaw
Jodie Chamberlain
Julie Barker
Lizzie Barker
Lorna Isaacs
Nikki Dyer
Sian Bryant (C)
Tracy Chambers
Springers Right
Anne-Marie Court
Aysha Longhurst
Claire Bennett
Janette Seal
Julie Vugler (C)
Kim Baldwin
Kimberley Churchill
Lacey Green
Lisa Viola
Sarah Hughes
Sian Stephens
Stacey Ryle
Charlotte Richardson
Georgette Aldridge
Heidi young
Kerry Underdown
Kirsty Mclean
Megan Williams
Natasha Hammond
Nicole Poate
Toni Jerum
Vicky Barney (C)

Registration Rules

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League Notices

Accident Reporting Procedures (Added: 17/09/2015)
Following an incident at Portsmouth University (10 Novembers) players are respectively reminded that there are specific accident reporting procedures
... Click For More Details
Portsmouth University Site Safety Guide (Added: 26/11/2014)
Please click on the link below to access the University's site safety guide; it is your responsibility, as part of the PNA booking conditions, to adhere to the requirements outlined in the guide.
Click here for more information.

Other Recent Notices

General  (Updated 12/11/2018)
Registration  (Updated 12/11/2018)

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