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Division 2 Players

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Abar Tigers
Alison Sanders
Carrie Alexander
Chloe Ellis
Claire Shinar
Felicity Perrett
Georgia Hamilton
Helen Boggs
Katie Wells (C)
Mimi Corke
Rebecca Dowding
Steph Strode
Stephanie Leonard
Taryn Biggs
BM Scaffolding
Amanda Ware
Annie Beams
Becki Milner
Claire Griffiths
Claire Whitehill
Jo Leggett
Jodie Musson
Nicola Barrett (C)
Nicola White
Alexandra Allen
Amy Baines
Chris Allen
Frances Moon
Julie Collier
Karen Brindley
Katie Juckes
Sharon Carter
Sharron Hallissey (C)
Alice Emerton
Alison Bean (C)
Eleanor Bryan
Emma Harris
Erin Williams
Fay Nickless
Georgina Bourne
Hannah Rhodes
Hazel Makepeace
Iona Sellar
Rebecca Holden
Sadie Vick
Sarah Pomfret
Donna Jackson
Fiona Bond
Jo Walters
Johanna Grove
Keeta Rowlands
Koren Luddington
Louise Aldhous
Rachel Tanner (C)
Sarah Tyson
Abbie Cammiade
Diane Ormsby
Fiona Shaw
Julie Barker
Kim Blackaller
Lorna Isaacs
Nikki Dyer
Rachel Noble
Sian Bryant (C)
Tracy Chambers
Springers Left
Emma Horner
Hannah Conaghan (C)
Helen Mann
Holly Sexton
Jess O'Day
Josey Burraston
Linda Buzzard
Lisa Andrews
Michaela Bishop
Victoria Piper
Team TG
Anita Randell
Ciara White
Emily Beggs
Emma Cripps
Joanna Fairwood
Jodie Anthony
Sarah Charman
Sarah Driver
Sonia Reeves
Tracey Walker (C)

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League Notices

Accident Reporting Procedures (Added: 17/09/2015)
Following an incident at Portsmouth University (10 Novembers) players are respectively reminded that there are specific accident reporting procedures
... Click For More Details
Portsmouth University Site Safety Guide (Added: 26/11/2014)
Please click on the link below to access the University's site safety guide; it is your responsibility, as part of the PNA booking conditions, to adhere to the requirements outlined in the guide.
Click here for more information.

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