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Division 3 Players

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Amanda Styles
Bridie Delaney
Emily Bennett
Jo Richardson (C)
Julie Braithwaite
Karen Woolvin
Katherine Jenkinson
Kayleigh-Ann Warne
Maria Gofton
Penny Man
Susanna Smith
G Bees
Alison Beaton
Isabel Moth
Kelly Brennan
Laura Birdsall
Lauren Smith
Lisa O'Donohue (C)
Lottie Beaton
Natasha Fell
Nicole Egerton
Terrie Brown
Zoe Towlson
Alice Macdonald-Parry
Bridie Rees
Ella Earnshaw
Geneve Wibberely
Hayley Ellis
Kirsty Troughton
Michelle Bottomley
Rebecca Hinks
Sherry Hirst
Sue Newbiggin (C)
Shooting Stars Silver
Daisy Joines
Ellie Parsons
Hannah Cooper
Jane Jewell
Jasmine Flint
Lana Richards
Libby Fall
Maddie Smith
Maddy I'Bell (C)
May Dainty
Mia Reed
Sarah sullivan
Sophie Jeffery
Victoria Madden
Springers Right
Alicia Day
Anne-Marie Court
Aysha Longhurst
Claire Bennett
Janette Seal
Julie Vugler (C)
Kelly Gough
Kim Baldwin
Kimberley Churchill
Lacey Green
Lisa McGuigan
Megan Rowley
Teamforce 3
Amy Dickens
Bella Borland
Danielle Harris
Emily Collett
Emma Newman
Inge Verster
Lauren Savage
Lucy Albuery
Maddy Oliver
May Procter
Polly Heather
Sacha Mayson
Sophia Lewis
Westowen Reds
Anna Webb
Corrina Kermath
Kate Jones
Kim Chiverton
Laura Webb
Lisa Erricker
Nikki Codgbrook
Rachel Beeston
Rachel Cornick
Rachel Page
Sarah Cole
Sheila Osborne (C)
Tracy Knott

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League Notices

Accident Reporting Procedures (Added: 17/09/2015)
Following an incident at Portsmouth University (10 Novembers) players are respectively reminded that there are specific accident reporting procedures
... Click For More Details
Portsmouth University Site Safety Guide (Added: 26/11/2014)
Please click on the link below to access the University's site safety guide; it is your responsibility, as part of the PNA booking conditions, to adhere to the requirements outlined in the guide.
Click here for more information.

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