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Available Players

Are you looking to join a netball team in the Portsmouth area? Are you between teams at the moment and looking to restart playing? If so then you are in the right place as Portsmouth Netball Association (PNA) has a number of options which may help you fulfil your wish.
Playing as a Floater
If you don’t want to commit to play every week but would like to play occasionally then you might want to consider becoming a PNA floater.

In the PNA league a floater is a player who is not registered to a specific PNA team but is affiliated with England Netball. A floater must register their affiliation details with the Secretary before their details are published on the PNA website. Additionally a PNA registration form must be signed and completed before the floater’s first game in the PNA league; this can be completed on the night at the venue before taking to the court. Full details on the use of a floater is contained in the PNA rules available on this website.

If you would like to register as a floater please email the Secretary at with the following details:-

Preferred position(s);
The division you are happy to play in;
Contact details (note these will be published on the PNA website);
Preferred playing time – 18:30, 19:55 or both;
England Netball affiliation details i.e. team affiliation ID and member affiliation number.
Committing to a Team
If you are looking to commit to a team and to play competitively on a regular basis then with your agreement, PNA can publicise your details on their Facebook page to maximise your exposure to the teams that are looking for new players.

If you are content for your details to be available on PNA’s Facebook then email with your contact details, a little bit of information about your netball experience, an estimate of what standard of netball you think you would be suited to and what your preferred position is.

These details will then be published on PNA’s Facebook so that interested PNA teams can contact you directly.
New to Netball
If you are new to netball or haven't played for a long time you may be more suited to a 'back to netball' course. England Netball runs back to netball courses in the Portsmouth area on a relatively frequent basis. To find out more information about back to netball courses in South East Hampshire please email Debbie Laycock at
Player NamePositionAffiliatedAbility
Ellie WoodwardFloaterYes2
Emma PurnellFloaterYes 
Jo CokerFloaterYes 
Kayleigh BondFloaterYes 
Kerri HarrisFloaterYes 
Natasha NevettFloaterYes 

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General Notices

Important Notice: PNA Summer 2018 Season Application Form (Added: 27/01/2018)

The entry form for the PNA Summer 2018 season is now available for submission; click on the 'here' link below to access the form. The deadline for submission of your fully completed form, which should be emailed to the League Secretary Brian, is

... Click For More Details
Important Notice: Pre-Season Mini League (Added: 27/01/2018)

PNA would like to hold a mini league both for existing umpires to gain more support and for newer umpires who have recently started their umpiring journey.

... Click For More Details
Swan Netball Club Trials (Added: 19/02/2018)

Swan Netball Club is holding trials on 19 and 26 April and 3 May at Places Leisure Eastleigh, Passfled Avenue, SO50 9NL from 20:00-22:00. You can find more information about Swan Netball Club on

... Click For More Details
Chairperson's Happy New Year Message (Added: 27/01/2018)

Chairperson's Happy New Year Message to everyone - 11 January 2018

... Click For More Details
Accessing League Message (Added: 12/04/2015)

If you cannot access all the details in a League Message from the PNA Home Page please click on the Fixtures/League Notices Link instead.

Car Parks (Added: 07/12/2014)

Just a quick reminder to all PNA players and officials regarding the use of car parks at our venues. If you choose to use the car park you do so at your own risk so please ensure that you have secured all valuables out of sight before leaving your car.

Incident Procedures for University (Added: 10/09/2013)

For any incidents that occur at the Langstone Incident Procedures you must follow specific proceures which you will find in the attached document. Captains should ensure that they carry a copy of the instructions with them when playing at the venue.

Click here for more information.
Mandatory Safeguarding Role (Added: 07/09/2013)

England Netball has made the Club Safeguarding Officer role a compulsory position for all clubs. This position

... Click For More Details

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