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Winter Season 2019/20 Division 3 Results Table (For matches up to 21/01/2020)

21 January 2020Chameleons13G Bees22
 Shooting Stars Silver43Teamforce 335
 Westowen Reds25Springers Right46

03 December 2019Chameleons37Westowen Reds23
 G Bees22Pebbles44
 Teamforce 349Springers Right15

19 November 2019G Bees11Shooting Stars Silver56
 Springers Right31Pebbles37
 Teamforce 356Westowen Reds25

12 November 2019G Bees29Chameleons25
 Springers Right26Westowen Reds21
 Teamforce 326Shooting Stars Silver35

05 November 2019Chameleons0Teamforce 330
 Shooting Stars Silver33Springers Right17
 Westowen Reds21Pebbles33

22 October 2019Pebbles26Shooting Stars Silver47
 Springers Right22Chameleons33
 Teamforce 363G Bees21

15 October 2019Chameleons22Pebbles22
 G Bees16Springers Right32
 Shooting Stars Silver43Westowen Reds14

08 October 2019Pebbles30G Bees16
 Springers Right16Teamforce 342
 Westowen Reds31Chameleons23

01 October 2019Chameleons22Shooting Stars Silver28
 G Bees21Westowen Reds39
 Teamforce 350Pebbles37

17 September 2019Pebbles17Springers Right40
 Shooting Stars Silver42G Bees8
 Westowen Reds24Teamforce 352

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