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Summer 2019 Division 3 Results Table (For matches up to 09/07/2019)

09 July 2019Hornets39Springers Right18
 Shooting Stars Silver45Candy Floss34
 Stunts0Springers Left30

02 July 2019Springers Left34Hornets32
 Springers Right15Shooting Stars Silver26
 Stunts0Candy Floss30

25 June 2019Candy Floss30Springers Right0
 Shooting Stars Silver21Springers Left42

18 June 2019Stunts0Springers Right30

11 June 2019Candy Floss0Hornets30
 Springers Right30Springers Left24
 Stunts0Shooting Stars Silver30

04 June 2019Candy Floss26Shooting Stars Silver15
 Springers Left30Stunts0
 Springers Right22Hornets37

21 May 2019Candy Floss17Stunts40
 Hornets26Springers Left43
 Shooting Stars Silver15Springers Right28

14 May 2019Hornets44Stunts32
 Springers Left38Shooting Stars Silver16
 Springers Right23Candy Floss22

07 May 2019Candy Floss21Springers Left36
 Shooting Stars Silver31Hornets44
 Springers Right30Stunts0

30 April 2019Hornets46Candy Floss18
 Shooting Stars Silver30Stunts0
 Springers Left26Springers Right28

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